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Perhaps the best invention ever!!! Never before have I made such consistently perfect eggs!
By Marianna on Amazon July 17, 2015

Worked so well, that I was totally blown away. Took a risk and bought extra for stocking stuffers. So glad I did.
Williams-Sonoma Site February 7, 2015

Works Like A Charm Every Single Time. Perfect Yellow Yolks! No Cracked Shells! Takes The Guess Work Out Of Boiling Eggs.
Williams-Sonoma Site January 19, 2015

Every once in a while there comes along a gadget that you wonder how you did without. This is one. No guesswork, only perfectly cooked eggs. I've used this handy little device to make soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs, and they have always come out perfect. Just drop it in the water and take the pan off the burner when the color advances to the point you want your eggs cooked.
By Audrey on Amazon August 6, 2001

I love it, it works to perfection, great product and quality, looks great, goes to the bottom of the pan, no matter how much water is in it or how many eggs. It really tells me when my eggs are ready, medium soft, medium, hard etc. Well done, good job! Thank you.
Williams-Sonoma Site October 1, 2014

This product has been 100% correct in 4 times of making hard boiled eggs. I no longer have green eggs; perfectly yellow yolks are all I get.
I enjoy making hard boiled eggs again! Thank you
Williams-Sonoma Site January 13, 2015


This is the best meat/poultry/fish thermometer in the world.....simple and accurate! Highly recommend... A+++++++++ luv luv luv it. Definitely try it.
By K.E. Reinders on Amazon June 27, 2014

I purchased the "fish" thermometer years ago at a store here locally (Beans, Grains & Things now Wild Oats). I used it so much that it finally came apart. Then I saw these three (beef, fish, pork/poultry) thermometers here on line at Amazon and I ordered all three. If you use these all the time as I do no matter what kind of meat you are cooking the meat will always be done. When both the blue & green lines are all the way to the end the meat is thoroughly done. I would definitely recommend these to any and all cooks. But one bit of advice do not put them in the dishwasher! Just rinse them off under cold water and wipe with a dish towel or paper towel.
By Judy Z. on Amazon February 9, 2015

My wife and her cousin like gadgets. Some work, some don't. This is one that has become indispensable. We have handed them out as presents and use ours regularly. This was an urgent replacement, shipped promptly, after ours had an accident. (Good quality but not indestructible, well, almost indestructible, just not indestructible around here.) Jim D.
By Jim D. Ohio on Amazon September 4, 2014

Always accurate and easy to use. I don't know how I ever cooked without one. No more "guessing" as to whether the meat is done or not. Don't you just hate it when you have to put it back on the grill???
By Lynn on Amazon December 17, 2012

This little gadget is the best! My experience is 100% positive. I use it especially for cooking fish and for beef, in the oven and on the grill--both are hard to tell when they are done and don't want to be overcooked. Someone gave me this a couple of years ago and it is one of those things I wonder how I survived without. When I asked her where she got it so I could get more she couldn't remember. I have looked locally and described it to sales people whose eyes just glaze over. Finally just now, after taking it out of the dishwasher, on a whim, I googled "fish poultry beef rare medium well color coded thermometer". Amazon to the rescue! I have five daughters/daughter in laws and I am ordering five today. Maybe I will order myself an extra--my husband started washing this in the dishwasher which I am sure is against the rules, so mine may quit. But so far it's been fine!
By Carol R. Taylor on Amazon April 20, 2012